About OAPI

The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative (OAPI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing and mitigating online abuse through:

* the study and analysis of abuse patterns
* the creation of anti-harassment tools and resources
* collaboration with key tech companies seeking to better support their communities

Focused on creating changes at an infrastructural level, OAPI seeks to help others understand the patterns and behaviors common in online abuse and what can be done to mitigate it quickly and easily. By working with strategic partners like Crash Override Network, we can quickly identify the critical items that allow sustained online harassment campaigns to go unchecked. We then take that data and work directly with the appropriate organizations to create tangible changes that result in increased support for targets of online harassment as well as enacting barriers to discourage further negative behavior.

The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative is an organization founded by CEO Randi Harper. Having spent 15 years in the tech sector, she has put her engineering skills to work in solving this problem, including authoring the popular “ggautoblocker” block tool currently being used by thousands of users to help protect themselves from mob harassment on Twitter.

Joining Harper are Alex Lifschitz (Crash Overrride Network), Zoe Quinn (Crash Override Network), and Sheri Rubin (Design Direct Deliver) who serve as inaugural members for the organization’s board of directors.

OAPI is currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) organization while being funded primarily by it’s CEO and Founder, Randi Harper. We have several projects already underway by our volunteers, and we look forward to sharing more about them soon. The top rated casino sites 2018 you will find here. Thank you to our partners allvideoslots & casino zonder vergunning.

For general inquiries, please contact [email protected], or contact [email protected] to help fund our efforts to prevent online abuse.

All media requests should be sent to [email protected]. For the best betting offers click here.